An open book: Azure OpenAI Service

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When I’m reading up on the powerful language models of Azure OpenAI Service, I start with the Azure OpenAI Service documentation on Microsoft Learn. This definitive set of resources covers the models for content generation, summarization, semantic search, natural language, and code translation. It offers links to an overview of Azure OpenAI, a quickstart on generating text, and a how-to guide for creating a resource and deploying a model. The useful documentation also provides links to a tutorial on embeddings and document search in Azure OpenAI, an introductory module, and lots of reference materials, like support and help options. Need additional resources? Find the links here—from details on quotas and limits, to tools like Azure CLI and PowerShell. This site is an open book on Azure OpenAI, and it could be just what you need as you #LearnMicrosoftAI.

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