ALH Labs, Azure Passes, Cloud Express and Feedback about the Learning Partner Program

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As the Learning Partner Community Support is not available anymore, we try to post it here. Maybe someone can forward it to the right person.




Hello Learning Partner Support,

we have now tried several courses with the ALH included Azure Passes. Here is our feedback:


  • The included Azure Subscription is sliced with several other users

à Total confusion for students (where are these resources coming from?)

  • Only the features that are used in the labs are enabled in the subscriptions (you cannot use other features of azure in that moment)

    Original Student feedback: I don´t want to pay for an ILT training, to only click thru some super-trivial labs. From my MCT opinion I can only conform that.
  • Subscription Switching
    After the lab time has elapsed you have to restart the lab and you get another subscription
    à All Work is gone - Super-Demotivating for Students
  • Learning Paths Labs depth
    As I have already said sometime, the content on is too trivial. For a 3 day course about 120 minutes learn content. That´s just a bad joke.


I don´t know how other learning partners or MCTs are dealing with these issues. We from our side are discussing to completely cancel the Microsoft cloud training business. That offer is unusable at all.


We have been a Microsoft Learning partner for more than 20 years now, we never had to deal with such issues that were happening in last 2 years. Every month other issues to deals with. e.g.


  • Courseware Quality & Release Chaos
  • No more instructor handbooks
  • Cancelling all MOC courses with no replacement
  • New Lab Hosters, closing down courseware marketplace (and no recommendation from MSLex)
  • Endless announcements for partner portal and KPIs (and increasing requirements that are not possible to achieve)
  • Huge insecurity and the partner program at all (Licenses, Requirements, etc.)
  • Discontinuation of trial tenants for M365 (too much hassle to create, including some options are not available as trial)
  • No marketing/partner support at all.
  • Communication Channels changing every 3 months (from yammer to a forum to another forum to the next option; It seems just to clean up the issues)
  • ALH provided tenants are unusable (which MCT wants to remember 8 different M365x??????? tenants, I do not)
  • much more to list if I would think back.


Our business is to sell and deliver high quality training and not to deal with MS WW Learning issues every day.


We are completely disappointed about the Microsoft Learning Partner program right now and we are discussing not to renew it anymore. (if that’s even possible without becoming a solution partner).


In my opinion that is not a “partner” program anymore. Just to get cheaper licenses.


Maybe you could forward that to the right position. I’m always ready to discuss or explain these issues with you.

Greetings from Austria

Mario Fuchs, MCT 26297


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