Aim for the cloud, with compute targets



August 7 - Azure Machine Learning.png

If you’re just starting to build your data science knowledge and skills, it’s important to learn how to work with compute targets and environments in the Azure Machine Learning workspace. And I have just the Microsoft Learn learning path for youWork with compute in Azure Machine Learning. It’s an important set of modules. As a data scientist, you might train machine learning models on your local device, but for large-scale projects, that won't be enough to efficiently do what you need. When you use cloud compute for machine learning workloads, you’re ready to scale your work. Find out how to use various types of managed cloud computes in Azure Machine Learning—whether you're working in notebooks during experimentation or need to run scripts for production. Explore how and when you can use a compute instance or compute cluster, and learn how to use environments in Azure Machine Learning to run scripts on any compute target. Aim for the cloud, with compute targets, as you #LearnMicrosoftAI. 

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