New to Microsoft Certification exams? We have something you need to try
Published Jan 10 2022 09:00 AM 57.8K Views

Are you new to Microsoft Certification exams? Not sure what to expect? We have just the thing to help you become familiar with the question types that you may see on the exam, how to navigate the user interface, and much more.


You can demo the exam experience by visiting our “exam sandbox.” We created this experience to provide you with an opportunity to experience the look and feel of the exam before you take it. In the sandbox, you will be able to interact with the different question types (e.g., build list, drag and drop, etc.) that are available in the actual user interface that you will navigate during the exam. In addition, this experience includes the same introductory screens, instructions, and question type help information that you will see on your exam as well as the non-disclosure agreement that you must agree to before launching the exam.


As a result, using this sandbox should better prepare you for the exam experience and increase your familiarity with the user interface, how to navigate between pages and questions, what actions are required to answer each of the different question types, where information about the exam is located (e.g., time remaining, questions remaining, etc.), how to mark questions for review, and how to leave comments.


Although the questions are not real certification questions, the sandbox mimics the exams look and feel so you can become familiar with it before you take an exam.


If you use assistive devices or keyboard shortcuts, we designed this experience for you although everyone benefits! This is an opportunity to understand how those assistive devices can be used in the exam interface, how the keyboard can be used to navigate through the exam, and so on. Additionally, you will be provided with the opportunity to leave feedback on the accessibility and usability of the exam UI with your assistive device during the item comment section. We have provided comment categories that are specific to this experience to help us better understand what challenges you encounter as you play in the sandbox. These comments will be monitored for future improvements to the experience.


Note that if you use assistive devices, you will need to request an accommodation to be able to use them during the exam. Learn more about requesting accommodations before you register for your exam.


Keep in mind that while this experience is designed to familiarize you with the exam’s look and feel and how to navigate through it, the secure browser that will be launched during a real exam is not enabled in the sandbox. When enabled during the exam, it will block all third-party applications, including assistive devices if you have not received prior approval to use them; this is why you must request an accommodation if you would like to use one during your exam.


What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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