Celebrate your achievements with Microsoft Learn’s new sharing feature
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Knowing how to position yourself in an enticing way to existing and potential employers is a must amidst the constant social media, content, and video posting that bombards digital audiences every day. That’s why this month, Microsoft Learn is celebrating YOU and your personal and professional accomplishments.  


With Microsoft Learn’s new sharing feature, it is now easier to share certifications and module completions directly onto Twitter and LinkedIn. Differentiating yourself as a job candidate with the validation of highly sought-after skills and standing out from the crowd with a little self-marketing can bring you one step closer to landing that dream job or big promotion. 


Why marketing yourself is important  

Possessing the right technical skills can be a huge boost to the trajectory of your career. In 2021, surveys found that 76% of IT decision-makers reported critical skills gaps within their departments.1 That same year, the U.S. White House held a summit on the startling lack of experts within the cybersecurity field.2  


This skills gap holds great potential for technical job seekers on the hunt for better opportunities. But possessing these in-demand skill sets does candidates little good if they aren’t visible to employers. That’s where certification sprinkled with a little bit of self marketing comes in. 


In a sample size of technical professionals with recently completed certifications, studies found that 77% of them were rewarded professionally within six months.3 Of that group, 23% of candidates landed new jobs within the same industry, 21% received a promotion or job advancement, and 13% got offered new positions in different industries.  


Similarly, 53% of Microsoft Learn users significantly aided them in preparing for certifications. Based on this finding, it’s clear that completing technical training modules, participating in events like Microsoft Learn Cloud Games, and earning learning badges all contribute positively to an individual’s professional public profile.  


Research like this indicates that making and completing learning goals offered by a reputable training platform elevates resumes within a competitive candidate pool. They also demonstrate a commitment to training and self-improvement, key within an industry notorious for ever-changing processes and technological solutions.  


Amplifying your accomplishments via social media sharing is an easy and highly visible way to get eyes on your LinkedIn profile and attract the attention of companies hungry for talent. Recruiters and Human Resources managers regularly keep an eye out for candidates that possess in-demand skills. Putting yourself and your achievements on display makes it easier for these decision-makers to find you. And being found amidst the digital noise is half the battle towards taking the next step in your career. 


Share your achievements on social media  

Self marketing your accomplishments on social media just got a whole lot easier with Microsoft Learn’s new Achievement Sharing feature. The latest update includes the ability to: 

  • Click “Share” after completing a Microsoft Learn module or learning path, which automatically starts crafting a new post on Twitter or LinkedIn. 
  • Select the “Share” option in your Microsoft Learn user account to promote past achievements. 
  • Share badges and trophies to social media. 

The process of marketing yourself is similar to that of marketing a business: the goal is to show the world what you do best. Sharing learning achievements openly demonstrates your potential value as an employee and the impact you can have on a company.  


Your celebration of personal achievements also gives others the permission to do the same. Through shining a light on your latest achievements, you are communicating to others that they, too, can share their own successes. 


Practice a little self promotion today  

Good marketers know how to position their brands in a way that meets the needs of their audience. This process works the same way when engaging in self marketing – the better you frame yourself as a value-add to employers, the more likely you’ll be considered for that ideal position or raise.  


Skilling up via Microsoft Learn content is important, no doubt. But getting certified does little good if nobody knows what you’re skilled up in. Marketing yourself and your expertise can mean the difference between a good job and a great one.  


Get learning and share your achievements on Microsoft Learn. 


Skill up and get certified in something new: 


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