Azure data engineers: Exam DP-203 (beta) now available

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In my recent blog post, We’re taking Azure certifications for data and AI to the next level, I shared exciting news. Today, I’m happy to announce that the new exam I talked about in that post, Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (beta), is now available. It’s the only requirement to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate certification.


Exam DP-203 (beta) replaces both Exam DP-200 and Exam DP-201, which will retire on June 30, 2021.


Is this the right certification for you?

The Azure Data Engineer Associate certification is for candidates who have subject matter expertise in integrating, transforming, and consolidating data from various structured and unstructured data systems into structures that are suitable for building analytics solutions.


In this role, you help stakeholders understand the data, and you use different tools and techniques to explore, build, and maintain secure and compliant data processing pipelines. To store and produce cleansed and enhanced datasets for analysis, you use various Azure data services and languages. As an Azure data engineer, you also help ensure that data pipelines and stores are high-performing, efficient, organized, and reliable, given a specific set of business requirements and constraints. You deal with unanticipated issues swiftly, and you minimize data loss. You also design, implement, monitor, and optimize data platforms to meet the data pipeline needs.


Candidates must have solid knowledge of data processing languages, such as SQL, Python, or Scala, and they need to understand parallel processing and data architecture patterns. Does this sound like you?


Ready to prove your skills?

Take advantage of the limited-time discounted beta exam offer. The first 300 people who take Exam DP-203 (beta) on or before March 24, 2021, can get 80 percent off market price!


To receive the discount, when you register for the exam and are prompted for payment, use code DP203CARLISLE. This is not a private access code. The seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. As noted, you must take the exam on or before March 24, 2021. Please note that this beta exam is not available in Turkey, Pakistan, India, or China.


Get ready to take Exam DP-203 (beta):


Do you have questions? I’ve got answers

What will happen to Exams DP-200 and DP-201? Both exams retire on June 30, 2021. If you’ve already taken one of them, you still have time to complete your journey and take the other one before they retire on June 30, 2021.


If you’re just beginning your exam prep, consider taking the new Exam DP-203 (beta) instead. To compare versions, check out the skills outlines.


Can I renew the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification I already earned, by passing the new  Exam DP-203 (beta)? No. Starting in March 2021, to renew your certification, you need to pass a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. For more information, see Stay current with in-demand skills through free certification renewals and our FAQs, Renew your Microsoft Certification.


Can I take this exam online? Yes. Online delivered exams—taken from your home or office—can be less hassle, less stress, and even less worry than traveling to a test center—especially if you’re adequately prepared for what to expect. To find out more, check out my blog post Online proctored exams: What to expect and how to prepare.


When will I get my exam results? The rescore process starts on the day an exam goes live, and final scores for beta exams are released approximately 10 days after that. For details on the timing of beta exam rescoring and results, read my post, Creating high-quality exams: The path from beta to live. For more information, follow me on Twitter (@libertymunson).


Ready to get started?

Remember, the number of spots is limited to the first 300 candidates taking Exam DP-203 (beta) on or before March 24, 2021.


Pass Exam DP-203 (beta), earn your certification, and prove you have the data engineering skills required to build analytics solutions.


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Senior Member

@Liberty Munson Can we expect some expert level cert for Data side this year like earlier we had MCSE Data management analytics   ??


@sbhagwat2712 Nothing is planned at this time... this doesn't mean that we are not going to do something in this space... just that nothing is in scope currently.

Senior Member

Thanks for the update!! 

Occasional Visitor

Hi @Liberty Munson , in the DP-200 and DP-201 exams exist official practical tests but in the case of DP-203 no. It's right?. Maybe because of this is better to present to the previous exams at the moment. What do you think about?. And a last cuestion, next dates for DP-203 exams?. Thanks in advance.


@Carlos_Rubio you need to do what's best for your situation. We do not release PTs until after the exams are live b/c they can change during beta. The DP-203 beta exam is available now and will go live before DP200 and 201 retire. I can't be more specific than that. The PT will come after that. Again, I can't be more specific about dates.

Occasional Visitor

Hi Munson, would I be able to reschedule this exam if by chance I am not able to take it before 24 March?


@cajasigwe you can but the discount is only available through March 24 (assuming that there are still seats available)

Regular Visitor

Hi @Liberty Munson!


Do you know when the DP-203 ILT will be released?




Regular Visitor

Hi @Liberty Munson Any information on Official courseware ?





Hi @NavinTyagi - the DP-203 official course will be released in June 2021. Until then, the Learning Path is complete for you to study - Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (beta) - Learn | Microsoft Docs

Regular Visitor

@Kim_Spilker  Thanks for your reply.  I am MCT, it's not about me, about trainees, Candidates not so happy in doing DP-200,DP-201 now, as these two courses already marked for retirement soon, and DP-203 courseware not available.


@NavinTyagi - I see. Yes, I understand. Keep an eye on the Title Plan in the MCT Central portal each month in case that course moves up. It's always a possibility, but no guarantee. 

Frequent Visitor

I took the beta Exam DP-203 online on March 23, 2021. And I was surprised in 3 aspects:

1. I was given 2 hours (120 min) to finish 62 questions, though the outlines said 150 mins. Is that the case for future exams?

2. Many questions in the new exam were not included in the learning path Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (beta) - Learn | Microsoft Docs

3.  There are many specific questions on Azure-service-related SQL implementations, not Python or Bash/cmd. Please practice your SQL skills to implement the Azure-service-related functionalities, in addition to general SQL commands.





1. We are making changes to the exam times. Beta exams will be 120 minutes; live exams will be 130 minutes. I will let the team know that they outline needs to be updated. 

2. Remember that the learning materials are a good starting point for learning the skills need to pass the exam, but they are not sufficient. Our role based exams require experience to pass. You should review the objective domain and make sure you have experience in all the areas listed. See my blog Just How Does One Prepare for Beta Exams? - Microsoft Tech Community

3. Please refrain from providing details of the exam content as doing so may violate your NDA. Doing so can result in a revocation of the exam/certification and banning from our program.

Frequent Visitor

@Liberty Munson Thank you for replying.

1. Got it. Thank you.

2. I read your blog indeed. And, I have been learning and working with Azure Services for the past year as a Data Engineer. And hands-on experience for the contents in the outline.

3. I did not provide any details about the exam, not here, not anywhere. Was point 3 in my previous comment providing too much detail? If yes, I am sorry, and I would like to remove it. How can I do that? I respect the NDA. The purpose to mention SQL implementation was that for some SQL implementations, Python and Scala do the same job better in a much manageable way, in real-world projects. Focusing on Python or Scala implementations won't be enough. SQL, Python, and Scala are the three languages mentioned in the outline, BTW.


@Tandysony Thanks for the clarification on point 3. I can't edit the comment and don't want to remove it (which I would have if #3 had crossed the line--my response was just a reminder that all test takers should be circumspect in how much information they share with others about the exam experience... in this case, this statement is just shy of the line). If you want to remove it, you can by editing your comment. Thanks for caring about the integrity of our certification process!

Frequent Visitor

@Liberty Munson I cannot find Edit or Delete from the dropdown menu, not even for my own comments already logged in.  :(   Sorry, I could not edit or remove it.




Occasional Visitor

Can you fix beta exam not showing up in official Transcript ?



Regular Visitor


I took the beta exam on March 22 and I don't understand when should I expect the result. There is a note that in the Vue system it should appear 2 weeks after the exam live publication date. What does it mean? 2 weeks after releasing non-beta?


Live is when scores are available shortly after the exam is submitted for scoring. Until then, the exam is considered in beta. Rescores happen after the exam is live and take about 10 business days. I announce beta rescores through twitter @libertymunson

Occasional Visitor

Hi @Liberty Munson,
I've already passed the DP-201 exam.
In order to satisfy the Azure Data Engineer Associate path, do I need to pass the DP-203 exam (in beta)
or could I do the DP-200 one (but in this case, the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification should be valid
at least for 1-2 years)? Thanks


@pmscorca This is really up to you. Either will satisfy the requirements for the certification. However, DP-200 will retire on June 30 and that will not be extended. If you have any concerns about passing that exam by June 30, I encourage you to consider taking DP-203, instead. As for the expiration date, that depends on when the change to the 1 year expiration goes into effect, not the combination of exams passed to earn the certification. We are trying to get the exact date this change will go into effect so that candidates can plan accordingly. Earn the cert before that date and it will expire in 2 years; on or after that date, it will expire in one year.

Regular Visitor

@Liberty Munson Can i take the DP-203 certification exam from India ? i have registered dp-200 course through virtual training which will commence from Apr-26, could you please suggest will it helpful for DP-203 exam or shall i skip the DP-200/dp-201 courses?


@Aseer635 Yes, but you will not be able to apply the beta discount in India per the note in the blog above. You will wait until the exam is rescored after it goes live to get your score.

Regular Visitor

@Liberty Munson Thanks for the response !!

if i understand correctly, i can still take the exam from india, but the discount is not applicable. is it true ?


@Aseer635 that is correct

Occasional Visitor

Do we know when DP-203 will go live? I wrote the BETA exam on 9 March. Looking forward to my results... :)

Regular Visitor
@Liberty Munson ..need some info on dp 203 beta certification..

1) When will I get the result or certificate if I sit for this exam today ?

2) will i be getting the result after 30th june i.e after it goes live?


@rainob Exam went live today. Your score should be available in 10 business days.

@zartab Now that the exam is live, you will get your score immediately.

Occasional Visitor

@Liberty Munson  ,  Hello I hope you are doing good !!, I gave my exam DP-203 on Apr 25th , when will I get exam results?


@certtaker8328 As noted above: 10 days from when the exam went live.


Hello everyone, We’re happy to announce Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure moved from beta to live status yesterday. If you took the Exam DP-203 in beta, you should be receiving your scores in about 10 business days.


Occasional Visitor

@Liberty Munson                                                                                                                                                                                          News that the DP 203 exam went live on 04/04/2021 is exciting. So the beta exam taken on May 2 would have results ten days from 04/04/2021?

Thank you.


@Power5 The exam went live on May 4, 2021. Your exam will be rescored 10 days from that date.

Occasional Visitor

Awesome! Being my first beta exam, anxiety has been growing. 

Occasional Visitor

Super excited to have cleared the DP 203 beta exam.

Occasional Visitor

Now that I have received my DP 203 score, I still don't see the badge or certificate. How long it takes to populate?

Frequent Visitor

Got my DP-203 score, certificate, and badge today :happyface:. Thank you @Liberty Munson for your answers and clarifications here. 

Occasional Visitor

i gave this exam and passed it, i am able to see the cert but not share it and i also gave dp 200 but not dp 201, is it necessary to give dp 201 to be able to share the cert.

Occasional Visitor

i gave this exam and passed it, i am able to see the cert but not share it and i also gave dp 200 but not dp 201, is it necessary to give dp 201 to be able to share the cert. And also i am not able to see the dp 203 badge.

Regular Visitor

@Liberty Munsoni have cleared dp 203, now if i want to appear for dp 200 then will i be able to do it before it expires on 31st aug 2021?

@zartab Well done on DP-203.  Can't see any technical reason that would stop you taking DP-200. Why would you want to?


@zartab There is no reason to take DP-200 as those skills are covered in DP-203. I strongly encourage you NOT to do this. Although we can't prevent it, I do not recommend this. @Julian Sharp please make note that we don't advise someone to take another exam that leads to the same certification that they already have. We are working to put rules in place to prevent this.

I was just commenting that it is technically possible, not that I would not advise it. It would be good if as you say that the registration process stopped any conflicts

Regular Visitor

@Liberty Munsonthnx for the update... will not appear for dp 200 anymore..

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