Wrap up: Manage, Configure, and Secure Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Post Day


Thanks to the thousands of people who attended our Post Day! A few housekeeping things


You've asked about the recordings for the event. You should be able to still access the recordings for now by using the AKA links below. It will start Teams Live Events and you can just click Play to watch the whole thing. (and if that doesn't work, let me know!) We're working on the "greatest hits" complication, and we'll post that to the VideoHub when we get that. 


I'm working on cleaning up the decks for posting - there's some accessibility stuff I need to do - and then I'll attach them to this thread when I have them. 


We were thrilled with all the great feedback we got about the 24-hour, round-the-world marathon training we offered - and we'd still love more feedback!

We've already announced there will be another Microsoft Ignite in March 2021 - should we do this again? If so, what topics should we cover? What should we change (besides the registration process)?  Reply here!


The product team for Microsoft Endpoint Manager usually does a pre-day event at Ignite but this year we're doing a post-day event the week after. We'll have two 4-hour Teams Live Events about how to get the most out of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It's free!


When you go to register, you'll see three options for each track to accommodate time zones around the world. Most of the dates are September 29, but depending on your time zone a session may show up on Sept 28 or Sept 30, so check all three dates to be sure. You don't need to take them in order and you can take anything that fits your schedule, even if you need to jump around the options. You'll get a calendar invite for a 4-hour block but here's how the blocks break down. 


(and I know some of you are getting an error message, so I'm including the direct links to the Teams Live Events down below - as long as you have that link it will connect you to the meeting, but until we start the session it will just sit there and say the meeting hasn't started yet.)


Track 1: Manage, Configure, and Secure Windows Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manage

  • Hour 1 - Get Your Windows Devices to Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 2 - Configure your Windows Devices
  • Hour 3 - Secure your Windows Devices
  • Hour 4 - Improve the End-User Experience on Your Windows Devices

Track 2: Manage, Configure, and Secure Mobile Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manage

  • Hour 1 - Get Your Mobile Devices to Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 2 - Secure Your Mobile Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 3 - Manage You MacOS with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 4 - Manage Shared Devices for Firstline Workers

Here's how it maps out, based on what we figure are the best times for each part of the world

Asia/Pacific/Japan and Europe/Middle East/Africa


Windows Option 1: https://aka.ms/MEMPDC/WINREG01

Mobility Option 1: https://aka.ms/MEMPDC/MOBREG01



Europe/Middle East/Africa and Americas (Windows)

Windows Option 2: https://aka.ms/MEMPDC/WINREG02

Mobility Option 2: https://aka.ms/MEMPDC/MOBREG02


Europe/Middle East/Africa and Americas (Mobility)


Windows Option 3: https://aka.ms/MEMPDC/WINREG03

Mobility Option 3: https://aka.ms/MEMPDC/MOBREG03



Register now! 

(or grab the AKA links above and make your own calendar invite to remind you it's time)

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Will the two Teams events (Track 1 and 2) be recorded / avialable for viewing the live event?

I registered for Windows Option 2 and got a confirmation email, but the calendar invite that came along with it shows up on my calendar as 'This meeting is canceled'. 
Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same? 

@Andy D'Hollander and everyone, yes, I've gotten other reports that some of these are showing up as canceled, and they aren't, but what's weird is different sessions are showing canceled for different people, including me! My Option2s are both fine, but both of my Option 3s show canceled on my calendar. I have a help desk ticket open with our internal support. We're sort of stretching what Booking originally intended. Really it was just to give you a way to get the invite in your time zone and to give us an idea of how many people to expect. As long as you have the link, it will work, regardless of the state of your calendar - we won't check ID at the door and we won't kick anyone out if you didn't register, but we appreciate it if you do. :)

@CathyMoya @Andy D'Hollander I had the same issue but I figured I would just use the link and not worry about the calendar invite. 

Hi there! Any chance of sharing the links with an alternative method? Clicking Register now takes us to a "server busy" error page!


Same goes here, I'm getting server busy error prompt.
Yeah getting a server error here as well
Server Busy error continues to prevent registration

@CathyMoya Can you share the link to attend the events? The registration site (booking) is coming up with a server error as previous users pointed out.

@CathyMoya The "Register Now!" link does not appear to work; it generates the error: "The server is busy and can't respond to your request. Please try again later."

@S-Man1276 @Andy D'Hollander @Stanley Yau @Stanley Yau @mtrosales @JohnGGeo @sbabulal @HT_Vaquero 
I know people are getting Server Busy messages when they try to use the Booking I set up, so here are all of the AKA links that will take you direct to the Teams Live events for the Endpoint Manager Post Day trainings - you can just make your own calendar invite for your time zone.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Start time - UTC

End time - UTC

Link to Teams Live Event meeting

Windows Option 1

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29



Mobility Option 1

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29


Windows Option 2

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29



Mobility Option 2

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29



Windows Option 3

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29


Mobility Option 3

Tuesday Sept 29


Wednesday Sept 30


Ah, that's excellent. Thanks for sharing those! :)

@hey_admin no, not a requirement. It was always more of an RSVP for us, so we could tell how many people to expect. But we want LOTS of people to show up and that's more important than having a nose count prior. Bring your friends! :cool:

Just found out there's an issue with AAD that might impact your ability to join the call. :facepalm:

I will provide updates here, and in Twitter using #MEMPostDay


Will these sessions be recorded for viewing on demand? I see one or two people have asked this, but I do not see any response.



@SBailorUS-EPA Yup, I responded to the one I saw, and we're answering in the session Q&A. We'll post on TechCommunity in https://aka.ms/VideoHub. We also have the meetings set up so attendees can watch on demand, so if you go back to any of the previous AKA links you should be able to restart the session from the beginning.