Work Contacts and Calendars Disappeared from multiple Android phones yesterday morning

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Our app protection policy is set to allow contacts and calendar items in the native apps.  I had my work contacts and calendars items on my personally owned work profile enabled Android for a week until yesterday morning. They were there at 8:58 AM as I was able to go to the Phone app, search a name and make a call.  20 minutes later, call display didn't show the name so I tried to make another call and noticed all the contacts were gone, as were the calendar items.  Same issue on another colleagues Android.  Nothing was changed in InTune.  


I created a case with Microsoft but it's been 24 hours and am basically being ignored.

I can't stress how important it is to have contacts and calendars on a device to do one's job.  I also don't understand how these can disappear when the device is still enrolled, connected and communicating with InTune.  I do not want to keep having to unenroll and reenroll to fix issues with InTune.  We've only enrolled 2 devices so far and not one has lasted more than a week without issues.  

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Hi @luvsql,

Do you have an app config Policy enabled? You need to check Save Contacts and Sync Calendar settings are either ON or Not Configured )

(screenshots attached).


Hope this helps!


Yes I do have an app policy for Outlook. I have Contacts set to No and Calendar set to Yes, however, I do have contacts in the native contacts app but it's in the work profile only. With InTune, it auto-added the native contacts app into the work profile. Will changing the Save Contacts to On then copy them into the personal side's contacts?

What happens when the work profile is removed from that device? If this is set to On, will those contacts remain on the device? If a new contact is created, does it then not hit Outlook anymore?

For the calendars issue, if I change this to On, where will the calendars items be saved to? Currently InTune does not add the native calendar app to the work profile and I have no way of adding it from InTune.

Having contacts and calendars sync to the personal side would be best, but they need to still be linked to the work profile so they get removed along with the work profile if needed.

I did some digging and from what I'm understanding of this setting is that it allows Outlook to access the contacts in the native app, which we really don't want but then the description in InTune says it's for the messaging app issue that we have. This link also says that phone and messaging is supposed to be able to read the work profile contacts by default. My phone app on personal does work with call display for calls, but not with text using the native messages app.