Windows Store for Business not available in Intune

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Intune doesn't show Windows Store for Business as an option when designing app policies. I am able to sign into Windows Store for Business URL and we have already signed up for it. I am a global Admin, but I do not see Windows Store for Business as an available option when I try to create app policy in Intune, so I cannot force install certain required applications.

How do I get the Windows Store for Business to be available as an option for deploying Apps in Intune?

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@Andrew_Gua You need to link Intune to the Business store:


Go to Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > Microsoft Store for Business. Click on Enable and then open the business store and sign in with your global admin account, or an account with the appropriate permissions.


You’ll now need to go to Manage > Settings > Distribute in the Store, at the bottom of the screen you should see a row for Microsoft Intune which you can click to Activate. Switch back to Intune and after a short while the Sync button should go blue – click it. It usually takes about 10 minutes to sync – you can check back on the status by refreshing the page and your last sync date should change from 1970 to something current.


Back on the Apps > All apps screen you should now see your synced store apps. To deploy one simply click on it, then go Properties and edit Assignments. As before you can then select a group of users or devices.


(Taken from my blog post, which includes some screenshots: