Windows Information Protection (WIP) policy

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I have connected to Microsoft work account on my personal Windows 10 laptop. I have applied Windows Information Protection (WIP) policy to my work account specifically for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook. However I observe that after a couple of days, the WIP policies which are applied stop working and the security settings applied are no longer working. This is happening repeatedly without any changed at my end.


Can you please help us with the same.

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I am also facing same issue in which WIP policy stops working on window 10 devices . and when I open  Settings->Account -> Work Profile , I see my account is still connected and "Info" button is missing. 





Do you use Conditional Access to force WIP policy? If yes, I think the issue with CA policy, try to re-create and should work as expected.

I’m saying this because I have ticket opened with MSFT on something similar with CA. I will keep you posted!