Using Intune MDM for macOS when Enabled Jamf Pro Integration

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I'm testing Intune Jamf Integration and try to use both Intune macOS and Jamf Pro macOS management.

However, if Intune Jamf Pro Integration enabled, I cannot add the mac computer to Intune.


From Intune Company Portal,, when to push the register button, it redirects to the Jamf Pro device registration page.


Otherhand, with the Intune Company Portal app for macOS, it will be frozen without Jamf Pro registration.


How can I use both MDM for macOS?

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@Nayuta have you tried to raise a support case to MS? I'm trying to get any answer from my contacts, but can't get anything solid. So far they just saying that it is possible to have both MDM systems managing different devices in one tenant.
However I just saw this in "In development" section. Looks like exactly something you are looking for.

@Alexander Vanyurikhin I've got the answer from Microsoft Support.

And, they said only one MDM can enable for mac management.


I'm trying to clarify this mean one mdm for "a tenant" or "a machine".

However, currently, I couldn't got the answer.


I'll write here when I got the answer.


@Alexander Vanyurikhin

Hi Alexander,


I also cannot get clear from the support. However, I found the function you said is released. It was released by Intune 201911 Service release. I'll try it after tomorrow.


We've finally got it! Thanks a million for your information!