User level Device Configuration conflict

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I am in the process of setting up policies to deploy 6 different sharepoint libraries sync to 6 different groups.  Some users cross groups.  These groups control access to the Libraries.  I set up Device Configuration Sync Libraries at the USER, not DEVICE level and I am getting conflicts.   This works for AD GPO just fine, but unsure of why this fails on Intune Policies. 


Some users move between devices, thus the user level assignment. 

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When two or more policies are assigned to the same user or device, then the setting that's applied happens at the individual setting level: If a configuration policy setting conflicts with a setting in another configuration policy, this conflict is shown in Intune. Manually resolve these conflicts.
The only conflict is this is the same setting "Configure team site libraries to sync automatically", but each profile/policy is unique in the library Value for this setting. I am using the same setting, but different values in each profile/policy.
None of the Policies conflict they are all different. One policy per Library so no conflict. Policy still says conflict

I need an answer on this also, we have around 80 libraries that need to be synced to groups. 

Some groups have access to multiple libraries and i keep getting conflicts. 


Or am I supposed to put all the libraries in one profile? Does the policy then check if a user has access to that library and add it, if not skip it?