User Assignment Autopilot Issue

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Hi guys,


At the moment I'm busy with doing some testing with/for Windows Autopilot before we fully implement it in the company I work at, and I was trying to assign an user to a specific device to personalize the OOBE, which didn't work. What I found on the doc.MS website was that if ADFS is used, the user assignment isn't forced. The website doesn't show any solution, so I suppose there aren't any.
But it doesn't hurt to ask! So does anyone have any experience with this or has any tips and tricks?

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Unfortunately, there's no way this will work with ADFS.

The only ADFS authentication method available in OOBE is form-based, which means it simply shows the authentication page hosted by your ADFS-platform. As Autopilot has no control over your ADFS-platform, it can't be personalized with this option.
Thought so. Well... Thanks for responding though!