Unable to export start layout

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Hi all,


I am running Export-StartLayout -path .\start.xml -UseDesktopApplicationID to export the start layout however I get this error: 


Annotation 2022-12-14 131717.png


Any ideas?

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Tried it on Windows 10 and 11 in PowerShell 5 and 7... No issue, did you manage to find anything?

Hi @AB21805,

Are you running PowerShell as the current user, or did you run it from an elevated PowerShell session by running it as administrator? From my experience, this error is shown when you run Export-StartLayout from an elevated PowerShell session.


Grtz,  Ruud

Any update?
Normally that message is shown when running powershell as a different user that is not logged on at that time on the device.....