Unable to enroll device to Intune

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I am having issue enrolling Windows 10 laptop into Intune. It says "There was a problem applying your organization's policies to your devices. (0x80180024). But when I check under devices in Intune, the device is there but not with the full device details (see attached image)Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 20.11.42.png

I have tested enrolling on other devices and they are enrolling fine. 

Any ideas why this is happening?


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@user900 I would suggest start looking in the log files on the client (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs) and try see if you find any error message there. 

@user900 if you found a solution, I'm interested about it (for information, there is no log in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft, the subfolder "intune..." is not created)

@user900 Did you ever find an answer to this issue?



@user900 I'm having this same issue :T

Maybe creating a separate new post ? so we could respond to it and not to one from 2019 :) ?