Total physical memory attribute graph location

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Hey All,


I'm currently looking for where the "Total physical memory" attribute under hardware on an intune device is stored in Graph.

I'm searching in and find 

physicalMemoryInBytes but it's set to 0 on all the devices I look at but these same devices have a value showing in intune.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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Hey @Ricey_,


you have to query for it explicitly by using select, otherwise you will always get back 0...'123-123-123-123-123')?$select=id,hardwareinformation,activationLockBypassCode,iccid,udid,roleScopeTagIds,ethernetMacAddress,processorArchitecture,physicalMemoryInBytes 



"processorArchitecture": "x64",
"physicalMemoryInBytes": 2147483648,
This way you will get the values you are searching for.




@Oliver Kieselbach 

Great that worked thanks a lot for your help.


So to get all my devices and the amount of RAM would have to query each device ID separately?

@Ricey_ from my understanding, that's the way to go. 

@Oliver Kieselbach 

Not working for me.
"error": {
"code": "BadRequest",
"message": "Parsing OData Select and Expand failed: Term 'id,hardwareinformation,activationLockBypassCode,iccid,udid,roleScopeTagIds,ethernetMacAddress,processorArchitecture,physicalMemoryInBytes [...] \"processorArchitecture\": \"x64\", \"physicalMemoryInBytes\": 2147483648, [...]' is not valid in a $select or $expand expression.",
Not working. It always returns "physicalMemoryInBytes": 0. Intune shows 8GB.
It works through MS graph web application and I have value in the response, but when I put that request as Uri in a PowerShell Invoke-RestMethod value is always 0.
I'm pretty sure that similar request worked a few months back. Any idea what could be wrong?
I am seeing this same issue.