The unmonitored process is progress, however it may timeout 0x87D300C9

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What does this 0x87D300C9 error tell in the InTune app installation as there are no good details to find out the solution?

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Hi All,


Please find the error code The unmonitored process is progress, however it may timeout 0x87D300C9 which is occurring in Intune.
We are getting the error in Intune, when we are trying to deploy the Bitbucket Sourcetree app by Intune windows client.
Please find the .msi package.SourcetreeEnterpriseSetup_3.4.1.msi which set it up in type of Windows MSI line-of-business app.

We are having  Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro. 


Here I have enclosed the screenshots for your reference. Please check and do the needful at the earliest Today.


Thanks in advance.

When the management extension starts installing an application, it has 60 minutes to complete. If it doesn't complete in this timeframe, you can get an error like this. In my case the download was very, very slow causing the timeout.

Try to collect to logs from Intune to see what's going on (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs\).