Tamper Protection Not turing on on newly deployed devices

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I have no issue with device deployed before.

Now new devices with Windows 11 22H2 Build 22621.525 are having this issue.


Tamper Protection is enabled in Defender 365 Portal for all Endpoints.

Intune configuration policy: Windows Security Experience.
TamperProtection (Device) On

Fails with error type 2
Error code 65000.


Checking Event logs.
MDM ConfigurationManager: Command failure status. Configuration Source ID: (C127515F-5427-49C7-B6AE-4275FB1AE464), Enrollment Name: (MDMDeviceWithAAD), Provider Name: (Defender), Command Type: (Add: from Replace or Add), CSP URI: (./Vendor/MSFT/Defender/Configuration/TamperProtection), Result: (The system cannot find the file specified.).

I only have this issue on newly deployed devices

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