sync error 0x80190190

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Hi everyone,


I'm getting this sync error 0x80190190 from time to time on some devices which they are domain joined. it register event ID 201:

MDM Session: OMA-DM message failed to be sent. Result: (Bad request (400).)

I tried different methods to solve it but the problem remains.

Could you please help me with this issue?

thank you in advance!!!

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1) what is your objective, is it Intune + hybrid Join or Intune + AADJ?

2) When and where are you seeing the error?

@hellman1323 I have come across this in customer environments and you will see this solution elsewhere on the internet as well. Try this:

  1. Open Scheduled Tasks on the machine with the sync issue
    1. Browse to "Microsoft -> Windows -> EnterpriseMgmt"
    2. Find the ID with the enrollment scheduled tasks
    3. Delete all the scheduled tasks here
  2. Open the Regedit
    1. Browse to HKLM -> Microsoft -> Enrollments
    2. Find the ID from 1b) and make sure the UPN REG_SZ value under it is
    3. Delete the whole ID key
  3. Run gpupdate /force target:computer
  4. Double check the device in the Intune portal and see if the enrollment was successful
  5. Run another Intune Sync and see if it is now working (Access Work on School -> Info -> Sync)

@David Maiolo 


We have the same problem but once we remove the regkey the info (sync) button is gone and we can no longer manually sync. If i restore the regkey the sync button is back. Is this normal?

@David Maiolo  

I just tried this and that worked! Thank you


I had an issue with a computer that was un-synced from Azure due to someone disabled and moved the computer out of the sync OU's.

After enabling and syncing the computer it would not sync with Intune. I used your trick and it worked

For or the memories, we had this error by manually enrolling personal Windows devices (Azure AD Free, no auto-enrollment)  that were Azure AD Registered while on Windows update 10.0.22621.1413


Re-registering before windows updates made the same error happen over and over again even if re-enrolled.


It was necessasty to install updates (now at 10.0.22621.17xx) and then re-register to fix this. Re-enrollment was not needed. The expected second device entry in Azure AD appeared after some hours and the respective record in Intune changed name from temporary management name to actual device name.

@David Maiolo 

great... now I followed this advice and the computer is not only no longer showing as connected, but when I try to register it with InTune, it says "this computer is already managed". 

So now I don't have the option to de-register or disconnect, but I also don't have the option to connect, because it is already connected...