Start with prerequisites when deploying LOB apps

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I'm trying to deploy our BI app via Endpoint Manager, but it has some prerequisites. 
When they are not installed in the correct order, the installation fails.

I have made 4 PS scripts that takes care of the prerequisites, but these need to run in the correct order to make it work.
1. PS: Add SQL server to users hosts file.
2. PS: Add an ODBC connection for SQL driver.
3. PS: Install .net3 (Windows feature)

4. LOB: Install my LOB app (BI system)
5. PS: Create settings file in BI App directory

I can run the scripts manually, push the app and run the last script without problems.


But when I publish the app and the scripts in Endpoint Manager, I cant seem to control in which order they are run, and the everything falls apart.
I was hoping that they would just "retry" until everything had been installed in the correct order, but it doesn't seem so.
Is there a way to "force" a retry, or some way to control the order in which things are deployed to the clients?


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You could add those scripts to one PowerShell scripts which calls up the scripts one at the time and convert it to a Win32App. (or create on big powershell script...)The win32app has all of the scripts in it, its just like a big zip file with a installation file

This app would call upon the first install script. This script will call upon the separate scripts.