Simple method to run logon / recurring scripts in Intune!

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Happy to share my latest Intune script :) It does not use scheduled tasks and allows you set a recurring time for the script to rerun and/or just to run at every logon:

The advantage is that when you unassign the script from a user, no scheduled task remains that ignorantly keeps running the script :)

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Thanx, same as I do but I wrap it in an MSI. That way it is possible to monitor the deployment, Uninstall or upgrade if nescecary.

@RobdeRoos Could you share your solution? Joss script isn't working for me - it only runs once when deployed. Triple checked everything - no way to get it to run :-).
Would be cool to check out your solution.



@Werner_Pertl I use Advanced Installer to "install" the script to the program files folder and I create a shortcut that I place in the startup folder.

Works like a charm - simple and great solution! Thanks! Werner



Did you just use the free version?

@RobdeRoos After I create an MSI package how do I get it to start every time someone logs in?


  I like the visibility your solution provides.  Also is it just more or can you only have 1 script targeting a PC at a time?  This solution would be a work around for that.  


Thanks for any feedback

Make sure you place a shortcut to the script in the startup folder. I made a scriot with AutoIt and compiled that to an exe. The exe I place somewhere in program files ans the shortcuts to it lands in the startupfolder.



Couldn't get this script to work.  Can anyone provide more details on how I can run a logon script for users every time they logon that changes a system level registry setting?  It needs to target a machine group, run at user logon, have system level permissions to change a system level registry key even when the user is not an admin.



I guess when you look at my blog about laps


The LAPS: Reloaded / Revolutions - Call4Cloud and Intune Proactive Remediations


I also created a solution to remove some sensitive information out of the intune mgt log... it runs at logon as system and each minute...


Otherwise please let me know what you want to change so I could alter it /test it  for you