Self Deploying Shared machine on lab machines

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I am testing out autopilot and shared pc mode on local lab machines in out library. I am having issues when it get to the esp page on the machine. It get passed the device preperation phase, but gets stuck at security policies in device setup page. I also tried to not showing esp page and priority is one and I a assigned to the group the machine is in, but it still comes up. I am new to endpoint management and trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Is there anywhere I can look to help trouble shoot this issue?

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Hi.... to setup the Kiosk device/shared pc did you configured the autopilot self deploying mode (as you also used that in your title :) )

Yes I did I setup autopilot deployment profile and a shared pc configuration policy. I also set up the enrollment status page policy to not show and assign it to the group the pc is in but it still gets the default. Which I find weird.

Are you testing it on a virtual machine or physical?

It is a physical machine Latitude 5580







"the pc is in but it still gets the default " as in the default autopilot profile. how did you assigned the self deploying one?

Did you take these steps like described below?
Just like described here:

Sorry, what I meant by that was I created a Enrollment status page profile to not display and assigned it to the group the computer was placed in. 


But it was still getting the default Enrollment status page profile.  After reading the article I found out it is aimed at users and not devices which could be why it didn't work. Even if I change the default to not show in the default it still does on the computer when enrolling.


I have the self deploying assigned to the lab device group that the computer is currently in. The group is not dynamic like was in the article.