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How do Schedule all windows devices to reboot with a warning message via Endpoint?



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Hi @saf-cop ,


they are couple of ways, but this is what I use. Make sure you target devices you want.


This setting sets a Onetime reboot on a schedule we set via Custom OMA-URI setting. This creates a Scheduled Task on the device to trigger “deviceenroller.exe -ForcedReboot” at the scheduled time.

1.Go to

2. Navigate to Device configuration ->  Profiles -> Create profile > Add.

OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Reboot/Schedule/Single

DataType: String

Value : 2022-04-30T20:00:00Z


Note: The Value must be in the above format and it is in UTC. Convert the value according to the required time zone and apply


3. Assign to the group where the enrolled user is present. If it is user less device, assign to the device group.

4. Trigger Sync on the  device.

5. You can see the schedule on the device as below under  Task Scheduler.  (On Windows 10 Desktop only)

          Microsoft\Windows\EnteriseMgmt\<EnrollmentID GUID>\Reboot

6. Device will show a display pop up notification at the scheduled time and will reboot after 60 Seconds.

Powershell script + Schedule task



If I scheduled a single reboot at 3 pm and the device was down, it will reboot after becoming up?