Revoke VPP App Assignment for Token

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Hello, Can anyone clarify if I need to uninstall the VPP apps and then remove the group assignments assigned to the VPP apps or, can I just uninstall the APP apps and leave the groups assigned, and then, I can select the option Revoke all VPP app licenses via the 'token' option?


Also, the check box here throws me a curve ball, as I would think that I have to uninstall for the 'Notify users...' to notify, but then if it is a non-user affinity device, who gets notified?




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For those who stumble upon this thread looking for the same answer, I decided to do as stated and painfully remove the app assignments (all 100+) and then 'revoke all app licenses for the token'. I left it alone for about 6-hours and then when I checked an app the licenses were still allocated BUT I then did a manual sync of the token (as I noticed the last sync time was within my 6-hour window) and all the licenses were revoked - Total licenses = Available licenses, so happy days. I did not check the box to notify users as the devices are non-user affinity so, who knows what this option is for when taking it literally.

If anyone knows or would like to try it without unassigning all the app assignments, please let me know how you went!