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Reset Pass-code is and Remote lock are disabled

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I'm trying to reset pass-code for a laptop i added on Azure AD, Microsoft in-tune but the reset pass-code option is disabled i do not know why, am quiet new at Azure platform


please help


The file is a snip shot of the problem am having.

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Is it possible to set password for windows 10 devices that i just added on intune? I want to be able to give a new worker a fully configured laptop with password or pin, if they forget their password i want to be able to reset them, for now i can do most of this activities like installing apps.@PeterRising 



How are the workers receiving the laptops?  Are they being shipped to them direct from the OEM or are you configuring them?  Also, are the users already using Office 365 and have a username and password, or are the users being created at the same time?


It would be useful to know this information to help advise you best.  You may be able to use Windows Autopilot to assist with your deployments though.



They are getting the laptops from us the company and we are configuring them,

The user are being created at the same time well we register them at



Another important question.  Are you synchronising your on-prem AD to O365, or is your O365 cloud only?  This is relevant to resetting passwords.


Also, do you want to set the passwords for the users, or do you want them to be able to set them?



we are synchronizing on O365 cloud only 

i want to set the passwords for the users (they can only change the passwords), maby they can change them but when they loose them i should be able to reset their passwords and give them the new password.


if  i have to synchronising on-prem AD to O365 i would do that. password management is import because the employees loose their passwords and loose company data



OK, so with Cloud only, you can reset their passwords from the O365 Admin Center and you have the option to assign them a temporary password which will grant them access, but then they must immediately change their password to something else.

Thank you so much :folded_hands: i will test that now



Let me know how you get on. :smile:

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