Renaming iOS Devices not working

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I am having an issue renaming Corporate owned iOS devices from Intune since iOS 16.  I get a message indicating the rename was successful, but it never changes.  Microsoft support said that the device would have to be rebooted before the name change would take effect.  I rebooted the device and the name changed... but after the next sync with the device, the name changed back.  If I change the name on the device itself in the device settings, the name change will be reflected in Intune on the next sync.

And the kicker is, on devices still on iOS 15 where the renames used to work, the rename option is no longer available.  Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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hello @Jeremy_Awbrey

Have you tried a script to rename the managed iOS devices? 

Have you found any solution on this?
I got the same issue on some of the iOS.
Got exact same profiles on all the iOS devices.
Some iOS got successfully renamed.
Others got renamed, Intune states the rename was successful, and after a short period of time, it was renamed back it's original name.
Done it twice with the same device.
(The device is initial enrolled with Apple Configurator.)
I found here a note:
Note! "If you have an enrollment profile (iOS) that uses a Device Name Template, the device will be renamed but will revert to using the template upon the next sync with Intune."
Could possibly be that one for me, though I have not personally enrolled the failing device.