Rename all the Windows laptops and desktop computer name

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Dear all,

Can I check with you guys, I've created a custom profile to rename my device, but it doesn't work as expected. There's no error code for my reference.


OMA-URL: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Accounts/domain/ComputerName
Group type: Assign.
Group member: Device
Target user: My laptop.
Error: I can see the error but, there’s no error code for me to refer to.





I did check out the view report

Error - Intune - Standardize Computer Name 2.png


Will be grateful for any help u can provide.

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Have you considered using bulk actions instead? It is much easier that way. Here is a little something on the feature.
yes, it's a really cool function in Intune manager.
Currently, our users are based in two regions, I think the bulk action will apply to all.
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If you have a list identified then you can target it for bulk actions based on the same. Region 1 list 1, Region 2 list 2.

I just realized this can be selected the device I need to rename is not just applied to all. Awesome! Many thanks for ur kind help! Cheers

Hi@rahuljindal-MVP can I check with u, after the bulk action was created, where can I find the profile? If I want to edit something. Thanks.

The policy goes out as a device action. You cannot edit it later. I will suggest to test on a couple of devices before renaming all.
I see. Okay, I will have to handle it carefully. Thanks!

Hi @rahuljindal-MVP can I check with you if the rename status show completed, but how come the device profile is still showing the old device name?






Hi, the updated name will not reflect unless the device has rebooted. After reboot the name should update on next sync.

Hi @rahuljindal-MVP  I see. You're very helpful, many thanks!