Regain access to ipad with no wifi connection

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We're using Intune and now i've stumbled into a problem which should be the easiest thing to solve... But then again, nothing is ever easy with Intune :(


I have an iPad running in single app mode and this iPad has lost its wifi connection. How do I regain control of this iPad? You can't use Apple Configurator as the Intune MDM doesn't allow pairing unless you use the same supervision identity and you can't download the identity for import anywhere in Intune because that would be way to simple!


So what do I do?


The device is enrolled through ABM (former DEP).

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Has the iPad ever connected to a Wifi network?
If so, you can create a mobile hotspot with your computer and copy the name and password with the old wifi

@Thijs Lecomte 


Hi Thijs,


Yes, but the it lost its wifi connection when I by mistake removed the wifi profile in intune.


None of these solutions work:

1. Share internet from a mac through usb lightning cable

2. Share internet from mac over open non secure wifi

3. Use an USB ethernet adapter connected through usb lightning cable


As far as I can see, the only solution is to use Apple Configurator 2 and import the correct supervision profile, which the program also suggests. But this is for some unknown reason not available in Intune. This would be an easy task in, for example, jamf or manage engine mdm.



The quickest solution might just be to reset the device...

Otherwise, I don't have a solution for you unfortunately.
Maybe somebody else knows something more

@Thijs Lecomte 


A reset would be just fine with me, but I don't know how to reset the device as its running in kiosk mode and you can't connect it to Apple Configurator.

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Yes! That worked!

Thank you very much! That link has now been saved on our Slack to prevent future pain ;)

@kaaremai Hi

I try to follow instructions in the link I cannot find a way to reset it ?

What steps need to be done to reset the iOS/iPadOS device if it's not connected anymore to wifi and locked in the single app mode company portal app ?

The device is assigned to ADE auto-enroll profile, I would like to reset it in order the device can be re-enroled

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