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I have script to delete '' on the desktop and this scrip is working by intune.

But i the user create another file with same name and same extension '' the file is not deleted. How we can force intune to apply the policy all of time? 

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Is it on the public desktop or in c:\users\username\desktop? If you are licensed correctly, pro-active remediations is the way to go

not only in c:\users\username\desktop but also for another specific path (in some folder in D drive) Also i already pin some app to the taskbar, and when user delete the shortcut can intune re-appy the policy?

You could create a Win32 package with a detection script that checks for the files in different locations if it finds them... (Exit 1 if found, exit 0 if not found) Then it should execute the install script for the package which is basically a delete file in those locations ...

For the other question, I suggest opening a new topic :)
Did this work out for you?