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Mar 20 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Re-apply a Config Policy

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Hello, we use quite some Intune Configuration profiles. One of them is to configure the WiFi on laptops. We see that if the profile is first applied, the SSID from the profile is shown as the primary SSID (netsh wlan show profiles). However, if an enduser later on selects another SSID in Windows, the SSID from our WiFi-profile is lowered in rank (so no longer on top). Unlike with a GPO, the SSID rank is not persistent on top. This is an issue currently as we are migrating to this new SSID and the one delivered by Intune needs to stay primary.


Is there a way to re-enforce an existing config-profile in intune?, so it gets re-applied and (in this case)  the WiFi is back as primary SSID? I tried changing the name or some minor info in the properties of the config-settings, but it does not re-apply the config-profile. Also a re-sync does not seem to re-apply an already existing config settings.


Thanks in advance! 

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