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"All Users" Group in Intune?

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According to this doc, Intune comes with "pre-created" All Users and All Devices groups to which I can assign policies and apps. I'm trying to apply an app protection policy to all my users (no exceptions), but no "All Users" group appears in my list of choices. If I try to search for it, I get no results. Am I missing something here? Having to create and maintain a separate All Users group of my own seems redundant and prone to error.


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Could you make sure you are also not seeing them in the groups section in tune first? If not try to create the dynamic group yourself to see what happens?






Thanks for helping out. Those groups don't appear in my Group list. I do have a couple entries for "All Company," which are the only groups I didn't create myself. Both have 0 members (assigned membership), so they won't help in this case.


I added an All Users group using your details. The documentation cautions against that, but I guess if I don't have the pre-created groups, there isn't much choice. So far, the group hasn't added any members. I'll check back tomorrow to see if that changes.


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Hehe.. Dynamic group -eq long waiting sometimes :)



LOL. The group is entirely populated today. I will apply my policy to it and see how it goes. Thank you!