Profile picture not showing if another user has logged in first

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I am having some trouble with my Intuned computers (all running Win 10) where the profile photo only shows up (at the login screen) for the first user to log into the computer. After that no ones profile picture is showing up. I have tried this on at least 3 computers with a couple users to log in second. 


Has anyone else seen this issue and is there a fix?

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Can you run a command prompt with administrator rights and type in sfc /scannow and check if there are some broken system files.


I only ran this on one of the computers and it did find and repair some corrupt files. But, it didn't change anything. Also, since this is happening on every computer and they are all right out of the box. I'm fairly sure this is permissions issue or something in Azure and not something local on the computers. 

It might be just timing thing.


Hi @SirDewalt, just to be clear, are you talking about a normal enrollment where the device has a primary user assigned in Intune? If multiple users are sharing the same device, best practice is to deploy shared multi-user devices, but perhaps this already is the case. Just trying to understand your scenario/setup a little better.

@Oktay Sari Yes this is a normal enrollment where the device has a primary user assigned in Intune.
Without going to deep into details. when we have new hires they are given computers at our company new hire orientation. The Wifi is supper slow and spotty there and so we were wanting to pre-log into the computers and have them download all the software.

@Moe_Kinani I've had a computer logged in and on the net for 2 days now. rebooted it a a couple times and it is still not showing, so I don't think it is just a matter of having the wait.
Got it, thanks for the update!

Do you have any issues with Windows Activation? Can you check it under Setting?

@Moe_Kinani no issues with that. all the computers are activating just fine. I did verify this on my test computer just for good measure.
I guess the devices are AzureAD enrolled, how to do you upload the picture for the users? AzureAD Portal?
@Moe_Kinani Yes they are uploaded to AzureAD Portal.