Preparing device for Apple Business Manager

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While trying to prepare the device with Apple Configurator and moving it to Apple Business Manager, I am getting the following errors:


"Configurator requires user interaction to install the profile "Wifi" on "IPhone" because it is not supervised".


"An expected error has occured with IPhone
provisional enrollment failed
The cloud configuration server is unavailable.
[MCCloudConfigErrorDomain - 0x80EF (33007)"


Screenshots attached.


Any idea on how this could be fixed.

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Have you tried perhaps resetting the device manually, and uploading the serial to ABM?

@Nathan Blasac this is no longer possible via ABM

True.. Sometimes I hate it, preparing the device with the apple configurator takes a little bit more time. Some months later.. ;) but is it resolved? I hope so . If not do you have any yellow mark or something in the wifi profile?