Password complexity hitting Windows Hello Pin

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When setting up a device restriction profile and configuring the password part it seems to be hitting the Windows Hello Pin requirements also.


For example if I set Minimum password length to 12, then Windows Hello Pin also get a minimum requirement of 12. Is there any way to actually have a password policy that does not hit Windows Hello Pin but at the same time sets the requirement for the password? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding this and the password restrictions is for the device and never the user account and will always hit Windows Hello?





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Hello Jimmy,
We had exactly the same issue and unfortunately, we didn't find the reason why it hits PIN settings.
However, please, note that this policy is related to local accounts only and not Azure AD accounts. Password 


Thank you, i just set the policy to follow security recommendations but this is affecting other parts that it should not, will report this in also. Thank you for clarifying it