Optimizing Windows device onboarding

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Hi guys,

we want to automate and improve our device onboarding process in our company, so that it will also be easier for us to evaluate our device fleet. I will describe how the process is right now and what we want to improve, and maybe you can help me or can give me some information about best practice.


The process right now is, we order a notebook from our service provider/company, and he creates the autopilot object for us and group tags it with his company/provider name.
Most of the time the notebook gets delivered to our IT department then, but that depends. Our company has different subsidiary companies and sometimes it gets also delivered directly to the user.


Now we join the created autopilot object to some groups, so that it gets besides other things, the Azure AD join Deployment profile, where it gets a random generated name after deployment (Would be nice if we could select a macro or script at that point that automatically names the device from selected conditions that we choose, but thats not possible to configure in the enrollment profile it seems.)

So the problem is now that it gets a random name after the enrollment process, and we have to manually change this name afterwards. The naming we chose is like that:

"Company Name"-"location"-"user or device driven (U/D)"-"random generated number"

example: Contoso-Berlin-U-12345


Only if we do that we can later evaluate our fleet so we can create a .csv to get all devices from berlin for example, because we dont have an inventory system or other fleet management software besides intune.

It would be also helpful if we could select a group filter in the "Windows | Windows devices" section. There are like not the best columns to evaluate the needed information unfortunately.

Would be nice to hear from you guys how you would approach that scenario.

Thank you for your time

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Even a little hint would be enough...

Hi @MichaelW,


I don't know if this help you, but you can take a look at the PowerShell option.


You could consider to built the logic of your naming convention within the script. You can use the following cmdlet for e.g. Rename-Computer -NewName "device-name-lpt-11"


Maybe i have another idea but i have to check if that is possible. But maybe the PowerShell script helps you already.  Please let me know if the PowerShell option is sufficient enough. 


Kind regards,






Hi @MichaelW , 


I was just thinking about your question, but did you already look at different AutoPilot profiles and dynamic device groups based on GroupTag?


Kind regards,