New Updates to Intune for Education Simplifies Delegation, Adds Windows Controls

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Our goal with Intune for Education is simple:  Empower IT in schools to take an active role and “conduct” what happens in the classroom by providing teachers the technology they need to create the “music of learning” with students. We’ve listened to IT explain what it means to empower them to conduct learning, and their ongoing needs are pretty straightforward:  They need better support for troubleshooting with the Windows 10 devices managed by Intune for EDU, and they need easier scaling device management for districts or device deployments that are really big and/or widely dispersed.


Today, at the Bett Show, we are excited to announce three new capabilities to address these requests which will roll out over the next few months:

  1. Simplified delegation to additional administrators, g. from a district IT to a school IT level.
  2. Configure new settings with Windows 10 (g. WiFi profiles, Windows Automatic Redeployment and Power Settings).
  3. Insights on devices and users being managed (g. deployment status, audit logs, Windows Defender reports) to ensure IT visibility before technical issues begin to impact learning.



Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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