New Intune App listed?

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Hey everyone, this morning I noticed that a new app is being evaluated when completing Intune enrollments for Android Enterprise fully managed. Our CA policies are now reporting the following app when users first authenticate using Chrome during the device enrollment:

Microsoft Intune Web Company Portal
Application ID
Windows Azure Active Directory
Resource ID
Previously, the initial sign-in was logged as this:
Microsoft Intune Company Portal
Application ID
Microsoft Intune
Resource ID
The problem is that we've leveraged the app "Microsoft Intune Company Portal" for specific inclusions/exclusions in policies and the new "Microsoft Intune Web Company Portal" app is not available as an app (I checked multiple AAD tenants). Has anyone else noticed this?
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If your are trying to exclude Conditional access rules that require MFA - then here is the solution,

If you have an Azure AD Conditional Access policy defined that uses the require a device to be marked as compliant Grant control or a Block policy and applies to All Cloud appsAndroid, and Browsers, you must exclude the Microsoft Intune cloud app from this policy. This is because the Android setup process uses a Chrome tab to authenticate your users during enrollment.


This is correct, but we are already excluding the “Microsoft Intune” and “Microsoft Intune Company Portal” cloud apps from the policy and it was functioning as expected earlier this year. The problem is that the initial authentication request in Chrome is now being made against the cloud app “Microsoft Intune Web Company Portal”, which is not available from the list of applications in the tenants. Any other suggestions? I’ve already opened a support case with Microsoft, but they don’t seem to be aware of the application yet.


Hey I hope you are doing well. Did you ever get an answer on this, from Microsoft? We are trying to make available via chrome an safari. 


Thanks in advance. 

@Coopem16  Yes, Microsoft confirmed that this was not the expected behaviour, but could not provide an answer on why a different unlisted cloud app had been authenticated against. After the 2003 Intune service release, authentication resumed using the "Microsoft Intune" and "Microsoft Intune Company Portal" cloud apps, as designed.


The cloud app "Microsoft Intune Company Portal" is used for, so you can target that cloud app while creating your CA policy. The "Microsoft Intune" cloud app is only used for Android Enterprise fully managed and dedicated devices.

Sorry for reopening this thread.
I ran in to the same issue today, even though sign in logs showed the Microsoft Intune Web Company Portal as the application.

Excluding the application Microsoft Intune Enrollment solved it for us.