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Native Android Mail App

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Is there any official word or pointers which confirms that Modern Authentication is not compatible with Android native mail app ?




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AFAIK, the native andriod mail app is not supported for modern authentication (MSAL). I could not find the official document or may be my search is not that great but i found this
By native mail app do you mean Gmail?
I haven't found any official documentation, but Modern Auth in Gmail is supported from Android 9.0
Not gmail. What I meant was the default mail app on Android phones.
It’s not compatible with Android Native mail app. You need to enable Legacy authentication protocol to access your O365 mailbox.

Hope this helps!
The default mail app differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. What brand are your phones?

Samsung's Mail app supports modern auth

@Thijs Lecomte Do you have an official source for making sure that Samsung's Mail App supports Modern Authentication?


Thanks a lot!

I don't have documentation, it's almost impossible to find.
It's just something I found out through testing
I agree, the Samsung Email app has supported Modern Auth for at least the last year and a half but there's very little to be found on which versions are officially supported.