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I have an AVD installation with a Windows 10 multi session host (Azure AD Joined).

In Endpoint Manager I can see the session host and view the installed applications and the "hardware".


My problem is the software installation. The software (install context - Device context / Requierd) is not installed through Endpoint Manager. The status has been "Waiting for install status" for the past day. What can I do to get the software installed?


Thanks for your support.

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Hi Stefan,

Is it specific with one app or all apps? Does the vm show Compliant in MEM? Is Intune Management Extension installed? Here is a good troubleshooting guide for Win32 apps (expecting you are using Win32 app):


Hello Moe,

Thank you for your reply.

In EndPoint Manager the VM is displayed correctly ("green").

But on the machine the "Intune Management Extension" are not installed.

I have this problem only on Windows multi-session VMs (Azure AD joined)

Hi Stefan,

Sorry about the delay in response!

If the extension isn’t installed, the apps will not get installed (except O365). Can you re-enroll the VM again?

From MSFT docs:
Once the Intune management extension prerequisites are met, the Intune management extension is installed automatically when a PowerShell script or Win32 app is assigned to the user or device." (


@Moe_Kinani I have read the MS pages again and find this 



This public preview feature supports Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session VMs which are:

  • Running Windows 10 multi-session, version 1903 or later, or running Windows 11 multi-session.
  • Set up as remote desktops in pooled host pools that have been deployed through Azure Resource Manager.
  • Running a Azure Virtual Desktop agent version of 1.0.2944.1400 or later.
  • Hybrid Azure AD-joined and enrolled in Microsoft Intune using one of the following methods:
  • Azure AD-joined and enrolled in Microsoft Intune by enabling Enroll the VM with Intune in the Azure portal.



I can not use group policy because the VM is only AAD joined. But a group policy will do changes on the registry of the windows VM. I think i can do this changes manually and will effect the same. Is it right? 



Hi Stefan,

Correct, Gpo is out of the mix with Azure AD device. 
You are using AVD, correct? Did you use the check box in Host Pool when you create the vm to enroll in Intune?

Just editing my response again:


You can try to do the unenrollment manually by disconnecting from Work or School Account and enroll back again. At the end, Intune Management Extension needs to be installed under programs and features to install the apps in the Multi-sessions vm. 


Hello Moe,

i checked the check box.

I can not connect the VM with work or school account - this option is not avalible.

Hm… Is this test vm? I would blow it and create new one. I have created new one few mins ago and came with Intune management Extension installed.



you use an Gen1 oder Gen2 image? 


Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-09 um 15.48.04.png 

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@Stefan Kießig 


Hi Stefan,

Got it. I use Windows 11. Have you seen these notes from the article you shared? 


Sorry about the multiple touches!




If you’re using Windows 10, versions 2004, 20H2, or 21H1 builds, make sure that you install the July 2021 Windows Update or a later Windows update. Otherwise, remote actions in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, like remote sync, won’t work correctly. As a result, pending policies assigned to devices might take up to 8 hours to be applied.


  • If a Win32 app configured to install in the system context has dependencies or supersedence relationship on any apps configured to install in the user context, the app will not be installed. To apply to a Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session VM, create a separate instance of the system context app or make sure all app dependencies are configured to install in the system context.
Thank you Moe. this was the problem.
Thank you for your support
Glad I was able to help!