Multiple Tenants on One Device

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I have a scenario that I am not sure if it would work or not and wanted to get some clarification:

2 companies, each setup with Intune and MAM policies for mobile.

Would I be able to setup both emails on a BYOD device?


I don't think it is possible, because the device will need to be registered in Intune Company Portal app to retrieve the policies and check security etc.

When you try to add the other address, it will require you to register in Company Portal again, but as far as I know, you can only have 1 company registered at a time?

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You are right.
Only one MAM protected account can be on a device at a time

It's a really popular request:
Thanks Thijs, shame this isn't available yet.

I know that it mentions MDM, but the same applies to MAM as well, because the device will still need to be enrolled/registered to the organization?
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Jup, my apologies

This is the right user voice then:
Hi guys, I am new to it industry and works for Indian service based company. Hence there are two companies accounts I have to deal with everytime. Both have there own intune app policies and cannot connect at same time. This is a workaround I found for android device and hope it can work on iOS as well.

First create a intune profile in your main account of android which you use frequently.

Then create another profile in same device and install intune app for login to second work profile and voila u got two work accounts and all the stuffs in same device.

This method is the easiest and hope u guys will like it. Just in case having dual profile in same device might consume a bit of ur battery maybe around 5-10% depending on work style. Cheers.

@Ashutosh_ind how did you create a profile?

@lcrispo It looks like that is a feature that is unavailable on some/most models of Android phone. It does exist on the Nexus/Pixel phones, but it does not appear to exist on Samsung phones. Sorry. 

You can use the dual apps feature in android
Multiple profiles on android is norm. Maybe you should check for your model on how to create process may be different for different brands. In settings maybe search for "Users"


I tried on different profile as well but unfortunately that too did not work. I keep getting some error.

Hi @Thijs Lecomte,

Has this changed since this was posted? 

Has the request been adressed? 


Br Rikke

Thanks for sharing that. That's good to know.

Is there a similar FR for Android?
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