Multiple instances of same device appearing in Azure AD

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Hello guys,

We have recently pushed out Conditional access in our company and few devices are failing to access company resources. After some research I found out that the specific devices appear twice in the AzureAD devices(Picture of device entry in Azure AD). I'm looking for a solution to either convert the AD-joined device into intune managed device or the other way. 






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Hello @Abhi__BR 


Some questions:

  • Are your devices currently joined to a traditional AD?
  • What method do you use to join them to Azure AD?


If the new conditional access policy is used to require MFA I believe that is the reason behind this issue. If this is the case the events found in the "AAD" container should tell you more:




You could temporarily exclude the "Microsoft Intune" and "Intune Enrollment" cloud apps from the conditional access policy during the troubleshooting.




Hi Nicklas,
Thanks for your response,
All our devices are Hybrid AD joined. The method used to join our AD was User Driven.
The new Conditional policy is just to block company resource access to Non-compliant devices.