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The following post is referring to this.


Have any of you boffins started looking at this for management of BYOD devices and started to building PowerShell scripts for Proactive remediation in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.  It already has group policy control but this is no good for me - not hybrid - pure cloud.


I know this functionality exists to a point in Microsoft Business Store, and AutoPilot and remediation can be made for outdated programs by using PowerShell scripts in MEM, but this looks seriously promising and I am very interested where "serious" administrators are taking this.


Please note I only signed up for the preview today and after a quick trip to the Microsoft Store for Business, getting the app, assigning the app, syncing the store in MEM, deploying the app (required) and then checking the versions I was running version 1.4 so had to install the update from Github which was version 1.11.  Let the fun begin.




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