Microsoft Store Apps (new), Install behavior as device?

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I'm playing a bit with the new Microsoft Store apps deployment. What I tested so far went fine, but there is one thing still missing, or perhaps I haven't found the good info about that, even MS documentation isn't mentioning it: with the old Store for business model we had the possibility to deploy a store app either as user oriented (Online) or device oriented (Offline). Now it seems the only choice is User, as the selector is grayed out. This might pose some limitations, I think for instance a kiosk device where kiosk browser is necessary. The user in that context is a local one, so in this case the deployment wouldn't be possible in the same way it was done with the offline version of the kiosk browser app in the old fashion.

Is this limitation known, and will it be changed with the development of the new model?

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As mentioned also on reddit :p

For now the store apps are installed in the user context... as I am mentioning here...

I would only assume it will change in the future... as with winget we do have that option available... to install apps in the device/system context... but as the the new store apps are also not available to be used/set as required in the esp... i guess we need to have patience