Microsoft Intune Company Portal & Android 13??

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My company uses Intune Company Portal for MS application (Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, etc.) access.  I started with a Samsung Galaxy Ultra 22 (personal phone) and had many issues and tried everything from the various blogs including manually adding the Outlook Device Policy with no luck.  After a hard reset it worked for a week but then started getting the "sign in failed" error.  I then tried uninstall/reinstall of the Portal and Apps without success.  Thinking that Samsung Knox security may have been the issue, I switched phones.


Starting off fresh with a Moto G Stylus 5G 2023 started the installation and right out of the box had the same "sign in failures" BUT after a hard reset and one by one install of the various programs it worked well for a few weeks.  Even after the Company Portal app had a update worked fine.  I travelled this weekend and the "sign in errors" are back.


One thing that I did not mention was through all of these errors and issues the Intune app is happy and says that the phones are "in compliance".  One user mentioned to give the MS apps full notification permission but this did not work either.  Has anyone been able to get Intune working with a Android 13 phone?


Last questions.  Are they any programs that interfere with Intune?  On the Samsung I had Norton Antivirus installed and read that Intune only allows one managed service application active.  Even after uninstall of Norton and hard reset the Samsung did not work.  Does the Norton Password Manager also interfere?


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Hi @ScottGaynor1966 ,


To understand more about the issue you are facing, could you please confirm the enrollment method - is it BYOD kt corporate?




Is it only with Android 13? Have you checked the Entra ID sign-in logs to see if this is not CA related?