MDM and MAM user scope

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Hi all,


Are the MDM and MAM user scope just for Windows 10 and not for Android and iOS?


I set up App Protection Policy for unmanaged android to target Outlook but so far i am not seeing any prompts on my personal phone that the app is being managed by the organisation


So just wondered :)



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@RippieUK That's right. I recommend to read this post : Configuring Intune MDM User Scope and MAM User Scope (


Also, Android needs the company portal to apply MAM.

@RippieUK Couple of things worth noting, as @JanBakkerOrphaned mentioned you'll need the Company Portal app for Android devices but you do not need to sign into it.  Make sure your account is licenced correctly for Intune otherwise the protection policy won't apply.  Make sure you're account is targeted for the policy and that Outlook is one of the targeted applications and finally try going into the Outlook client on the Android device and clicking "Reset account".