Manually enrolling iOS device that was previously enrolled via DEP and another MDM solution

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scenario: 100 devices that were enrolled via DEP using a different MDM solution. Now we want to switch to Intune as MDM solution and for future devices the DEP enrollment will be no problem.


However, is it possible to enroll the existing devices that were setup via DEP to Intune? Of course I have to retire the devices first from their old MDM.


Do I only have to configure the Company Portal app to support DEP devices via configuration profiles or is there anything else I need to do?


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@Labinot Jashanica DEP enrollment is independent of an MDM solution. I did not yet come across this requirement but I would say it is possible by removing the Management Profile on the device and enrolling into Intune. 

@Philip Büchler hi,


I believe I found the appropriate solution:


The company portal app from the app store needs to be supported for already DEP enabled devices via an app configuration policy.