Managing Shared Mailboxes

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Hi together,


i'm facing the following "problem":

Our users use their own corporate account on their mobile device together with intune and app protection policies.

Since there is only one managed account allowed i need to provive a solution how the users are able to connect to shared mailboxes.

Before use of Intune each shared mailboxes has a user account with a password. The users configured their own coporate account and the second shared mailbox account.

This isn't possible now, because of the intune policies.

How can i deal with this? Is there an option inside the outlook mobile app to use shared mailboxes porperly?


Thank you very much in advance

Best regards

Patrick :)

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@PatrickF11  To my knowledge, there is currently no way to configure the shared mailbox you are referring to. Group mailboxes may be the solution you're looking for, although the experience for your clients will change.

@eglockling thank you for your reply.

To be honest: This wasn't the answer i was looking for. :D


Anyway: How can i use group mailboxes in outlook for iOS / Android?

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I hate to give you one more answer you are not looking for, but right now shared mailboxes are not supported. Based on my MS resources, this feature will be released somewhere in Q3 this year.

I’m also looking forward for that, because that is the big issue for one category of my customers