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Dear community,

We use managed edge with Intune.

The SSO is configured for the browser so when you open it after Windows login, your username will be automatically signed in to the Edge Browser with my Prod account, which is my Windows login.

This is all working as expected.


However, I like to create multiple Edge profiles for my Dev/Test environment. In these other Edge profiles, I have logged in the Edge with my Dev/Test account. I saved the Office 365 login and Intune login for Dev/Test environment.


Now the problem is, every time I open my additional Edge profile and open Office 365 or Intune, it always sign in with my Prod account automatically, even I have Test/Dev account saved. Then I have to switch account within Edge every time.


Any advice how to remediate this? I do want to keep the auto sign-in to the Edge browser with SSO when I open it, log in automatically with my Prod account (Windows Sign-in).


But when I open my other Edge profile and access O365, I wish it can sign in with the respective accounts. Right now, for example, if I open my Dev edge profile, the Dev account automatically signed in to Edge browser, which is good. But when I browse O365, it automatically sign in with my Prod account.



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@wangjueliang please check the profile settings of your profiles under 




Disable shortly the option 

Automatically sign into sites with your current work or school account?


Login properly to your profiles with the corresponding account


Re-enable the option and test the results


Kind regards