LAPS on Intune - "Local admin password solution is not enabled for this tenant."

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i'm trying to configure LAPS over Intune using CSM, all seems ok with the configuration policies but when it's deployed on my test computer, i see the message" Local admin password solution is not enabled for this tenant." in the Event Viewer. 

The problem is during the APP Registration in Azure but i don't find a full tutoriel to achieve this.. 


Computer is only Azure joined



Can you help me? Thank you 

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Azure AD LAPS is still in private preview, but expected to be released to public preview in Q2 2023.

@JulianAF2380 If you have access to private preview, it can be turned on in Azure Active Directory -> Devices -> Device Settings -> Enable Azure AD... (LAPS):




Hi @Cbither,
Oh ok not i don't have access to private preview but is it possible to activate this easily? Thank you
How is the status here - I do get the error message but can't activate the feature sicne the page is gone (moved to Intune, but there the sitting is nowhere to find)
Any idea how to do it nowadys?



Just use entra? its still there under device settings

Devices - Microsoft Entra admin center




Thank you! It's ridiculous how many different admin pages with different capabilities there are, but now I know another one :)