Kiosk mode not applying or working?


I am doing some testing with Kiosk mode, which I know is in preview, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I read these articles

However it seems the options / screens have changed since they were published. I also looked at docs

I have it configured like this

Kisok Profile.png

And it is being assigned to device as best I can tell. However it doesn't seem to do anything? Am I missing some step? I thought it would auto logon at boot time and then drop to a browser only interface. Nothing seems to happen though?


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Just replying to this in case anyone else comes up with same question. Kiosk mode autologon only works for pure AAD joined devices. It won't work for Local AD -> Hybrid AAD joined devices. Somehow I missed that detail in all the documentation.


@Brian Hoyt Did you ever get this working? I have been trying to use Kiosk mode in InTune which is no longer in preview but although it says it has rolled out the policy successfully when logging into the PC it is just logged in normally (i.e. not in Kiosk mode) and the user can access everything on the PC.


@WebFletch testing on real hardware or on VM?
I got it working, but only on real hardware. The first tests I performed on VM`s and they failed. Applied the exact same settings to a hardware device and the config was successful.